Laplace Transforms on the 41


Anyone interested in the subject title would probably already know the package of routines written by Raymond D. Moore, and posted at TOS. Originally written for Card Reader users, I just completed a ROM rendering of the same pack - plus a few extras thrown as bonus tracks.

Data input is automated on each routine, and the library of transforms show the type without needing to use a decoding table.

Will be posted after all testing is done - Send me an email if you're interested in an sneak preview.


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Many winters ago (i.e. several decades) I dealt with Laplace transforms at the university using paper and pen. Please excuse my ignorance, but how can one deal with such functions numerically on a 41C? A pointer to a website or an article will probably do the job teaching me. Thanks in advance.



I wish I could paste the URL in question here but that's not going to work. Seek for it under the "User Code Programs" section of TOS.

The approach taken by Mr. Moore is quite ingenuous and valuable - obviously not comparable to a symbolic algebra solution but that's not the point of course. Worth checking if you're curious.




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