The HP82240B Printer


So far, the only practical way to print with our IR-enabled calculators. So old looking...

A short review (today) of the HP82240B

It is truly a dinosaur - but the only dinosaur available...


I'm missing the WP34S mentioned as being able to print on the HP82240B. ;)


Mine can't - I will need to do the infrared mod when I find some time (and parts)


That's obviously not the fault of your WP 34S ... Like the HP 41C can only use this printer with the plotter module installed, the WP 34S can only use this printer with an IR diode and a resistor installed. Please do justice.



Plotter module? I/R module you mean.
However the 41 had two other optional printers: plugin and HPIL.


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WP 34S can send printer output to its serial port so you can add other printers as well. Try PMODE 3!


Thank you. Just let me add that lots of additional information - technical specs and details as well as tips for daily use - can be found in HP Solve issue 18 (April 2010).





And an multi-platform emulator comes with the WP34s emulator on sourceforge.


So far, the only practical way to print with our IR-enabled calculators. So old looking...

I think it is a classic, I just wish there was an easy way to connect a netbook computer to it for output of calculated results from statistical packages such as R (and even e-tickets bought over the web) while travelling, e.g., some kind of USB to HP's infrared connection.

It also has looks that match perfectly with my HP28s.

The only thing I would like to add is a nice leather case, but these don't seem easy to find any more.


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