New HP39gII programs (snake, minesweeper, ...)


Download these all new exclusive programs for HP39gII :


If you ever wanted to know why people need graphic calcs ...



A very snide comment!


I agree with you, bluesun08.




I find it spot on.


I wrote a new version of Snake with hi-score management.
Mic, could you publish this version on your web site ?

My record is 2465 in "very easy" mode...

One interesting thing in this program is the way I use to get the same speed with the real calc and with the emulator.

The idea is to use the Ticks command :

WHILE (Ticks-n)<(Vitesse-Niveau) DO
// Gauche
IF ISKEYDOWN(14)THEN dX:=-5; dY:=0; END;
// Droite
// Haut
IF ISKEYDOWN(9) THEN dX:=0; dY:=-5; END;
// Bas

Unfortunatly I was unable to use the DIMGROB command which seems buggy. It's pity beacause all my "sprites" are ready ;)

Edited: 23 Feb 2013, 9:16 a.m.




Thanks mic!

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