Repair 82033 Battery Pack?


I have several 82033 battery packs that are used in my peripheral devices (Tape, Printer...). My guess is they have gone bad. When plugged in, the transformer gets very hot and the device gets warm and they don't hold a charge. So, I'm assuming they are bad. I reviewed the section on Batteries that Katie posted. There is part# (P233-L022) listed for DigiKey. Their website lists this as a "Value-Add" item or something they build. Does this mean the pack comes complete with all 4 cells soldered together ready to be placed in the plastic holder? Also, is there anything I should about the dismantling of the 82033 case.

Thanks in advance.


The Digikey part number that I mentioned does indeed come pre-assembled but it's not quite ready to use as is. Although the 4 sub-C batteries are connected in series (via welded tabs) the V-shaped battery pack contacts need to be removed from the old 82033 and soldered to the tabs at the end of the assembly that you buy from Digikey. This is a pretty simple soldering procedure, but it has to be soldered for a good contact.

Getting the old cells out of the black plastic frame of the 82033 pack is pretty straightforward. You'll need a good, strong knife, I like to use a heavy duty X-acto knife for this. Cut deeply into each seam of the 4 corners and cut along the seams on both small ends of the pack (the seams along the long sides of the pack are not glued together). When you've cut deep enough into these places, insert the knife into one of the corner seams and give it a twist, the pack should come apart -- if not, cut deeper into those same places.

After soldering the V-shaped contacts onto the new batteries, I like to close up the plastic frame with Duco Cement and clamp it until its set. This holds it together well enough and makes it easy to open in the future.

The only potential complication with using the Digikey replacement batteries is that some of the very oldest 82033 packs have the V-shaped contacts attached in the middle of the pack instead of at the ends. If this is the case there are several options: (1) take apart the Digikey pack and reconnect it like the original HP pack, (2) make your own V-shaped contacts that are long enough to reach down from the end of the battery pack, (3) add a wire from the end of the battery pack to the middle to connect with the V-shaped contact. None of this will make any sense unless you have one of these packs, but they are rare, so don’t worry.


Thanks for the help and advice. I have had no problem disassembling the plastic case so I'll be ordering the battery pack and attempting to insert it. If the solder doesn't hold look into having it welded.


If you have a Batteries Plus or Batteries, Etc (or similar type of store) near you they can rebuild the pack for a quite reasonable fee (and they do all the slicing and dicing). Also they will spot weld the cells and contacts together which forms a better connection that soldering and does not risk damaging the cells with too much heat.


THANKS! I've been looking at Katie Wasserman's wonderful article on "Replacement Nicads for HP Battery Packs" ( ), wondering how I was going to handle the dis/reassembly of an 82052A (for a friend's 19C Sting), and this looks like the much better alternative ( will tell you where your nearest store is, and for me that's Citrus Heights, in NE Sacramento).


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