HP 67 Program Library


Does anyone kn ow what happened to the HP67 Program Library? I believe that users were encouraged to submit favorite programs to HP where they were then made available to all users as a free access library.


James, the library you speak of was the hp users library which was maintained by hp but was turned over to a company named Solve&Integrate sometime around 1987. The company dissolved in the early 90's and the users library went back to hp. I called hp to find out about getting programs from the library for my 67 and some fellow wanted to know if I would like to be the custodian of the library. I was to write a letter telling hp I would like to be the custodian of the library and why I wanted to do this. The library contained not only 67 programs but programming for every handheld hp ever made, hard copy and magnetic storage data, plus each calculator and computer. This required quite a bit of storage space. It took me a year to decide, but when I was ready, nobody at hp could tell me where the library was! Maybe you could have better luck. Surely someone knows where it is. International Calculator & Computer in Orlando Florida repairs and sells all hp older models and has lots of 67 software pacs in stock. Don O'Rourke is the owner and his number is 800/535-5692 or 407/898-0081. I think he is still operating. I did business with him last year. Good luck!


Who at HP would I contact to make a follow-up inquiry concerning the HP67 user library?


James, I'm not sure who to contact. This was quite awhile ago when the hp calculator support was still in corvalis. When I called support over a year later, they had moved to colorado. The fellow I talked to was no longer with calculator support, and the young people there knew nothing of the users library. In fact, the young man I talked to had never seen an hp 67! They seem very reluctant to answer questions about the older calculators, stating that the older machines are no longer supported. I'm also pretty confident that if you find the users library, in order to use any programs, you would probably have to become the custodian of the entire library, if that is still possible, as when I asked for hp 67 programs/application pac copies the fellow declined from selling me the copies I asked for. I would start at hp corporate headquarters?, maybe they can point you in the right direction. Good luck!

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