OT: Google evaluates mathematic expressions (with a twist)


Everyone knows you can enter a mathematic expression into Google search and get the answer. It has been noted here that after the evaluated expression, some (most) of the search results are not exactly related to the original search term. We're used to filtering to find what we're looking for, but you might be surprised at what comes up (no pun intended). I suppose there is a loose connection between these sites and multiplication... ;)

Enter something harmless like this into Google, but you might not want to do it at work:



Edited: 12 Feb 2013, 3:13 p.m.



Google doesn't return anything for that :-?


Things change a bit when I enter -4^(1/4)^3=

No pictures, however ...



Not even safe for home!

Try this in google's search box...it's safe, but interesting if you don't recognize it...


Hint - probably as fast as I want to leave the previous search query!


Nice memories...

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