Any Southern California HP Calculator clubs left?


I've just been having a great chat with Andreas off the HP48 usenet group, and he suggested I ask around here:
Does anyone know of any HP Calc or handheld oriented clubs left in the Southern California area - or even in the USA at all?

My Internet search so far has of course turned up the annual HHC convention webpage, but there is no "group contact" there. Also I have found one club left in UK. Other than that, I don't see much around, unfortunately.

Thanks for any bit of info anyone has on this!


I don't know if there are any clubs in SoCal, but I'll encourage you to join the UK club ( Their magazine is lots of fun.


Thanks, David. I just might have to join them. Seems a pity to have to join a UK group - I mean not that I mind, but the bummer is there are none based here any longer!? ;-)

Does the UK based HPCC club also put on the annual HHC conferences that I have read about at or is that a separate group? If they are a different group, does anyone have contact info for them?

I appreciate your time, thanks again for the leads.


Hi Jedidia,

I had a similar problem while searching for an HP oriented User Club in Germany: There is none left. So I joined the HPCC and am very glad I did. There are lots of contacts between the HPCC and the organizers of the HHC. For membership info visit and/or write to Dave Colver ( As mentioned above their club magazine "Datafile" is great. Send me an email via this forum and I can send you an article I published in "Datafile" as an example, if you like. It would be great, if you would join.

Best regards



EDIT: Hi Karl, Dave got back to me in record fast time, and I am now in the process of becoming a member of the UK HPCC Club. Thanks for seconding that I should join. ;-)

Thanks for the offer about your article, I'll try to contact you directly off here, I would like to read it!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, I'm sure I'll be back with more questions about programming these beauties (HP48, 49 series) as I learn more. I used an HP48G in high school, and then '99 when the HP49G came along, I stupidly gave it to my brother and bought a 49G. Fast forward many years, I have a 49G and 49G+ now, and they have only seen "light number crunching duties" since my college days. However, that will change as I have some time now to learn some programming and get into it more. Also, I am very happy to have a mint HP48G coming my way off Ebay to finally have my old favorite again! :-)

See you all around,

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Should we start one? I am in the San Gabriel Valley (live in Azusa).


We SHOULD start one! I'm in Hesperia (near Victorville)



Hi Eddie and Mike, that sounds like some good fun! :-) I just joined the HPCC UK Club - I wonder if they would like a SoCal USA chapter? :-)

I could make us a nice little website to start, put it on Facebook, the Usenet group, here, or whatever and see if we get any bites?

What do you all think?

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