Value of plotters ?


I have a couple of HP flat bed plotters (7220 style). At least one of them doesn't work (drastic fuse-blowing problem, probably aged power supply capacitors).

I saw one on ebay, advertised at a silly collector price - is this just wishful thinking on the part of the seller or are these something rare that I should preserve ?

I could hack them up to use for building things (pcb handling stuff) but this is something I wouldn't do for calculators. Should I recycle old plotters ?


As with beauty, I find that the value of many 'low volume' HP items is very dependent on the 'eye of the beholder'. That means that the value can be highly variable from sale-to-sale and from listing to listing.

For example, I have heard of Option 3 (HP-IL) HP7470A Ploters listed for sale at $1000 and actual sales completed at close to $500, and I have seen a sale occuring at $25.

The other-interfaced 7470A plotters never seem to command much interest and lanquish on ebay if listed at high prices. There seems to be more supply available than there is demand.


How is the availability of the pens for these plotters?


How is the availability of the pens for these plotters?

No problem at all! Search google or eBay for "HP plotter pens" and you will find dozens of suppliers.

Somewhere in my garage is an HP9872C flatbed plotter in A3 size. I still have some unopened bags of pens (they come in bags of five pens). There is currently a non-working one on eBay for 355$. Mine is working (or was working when I last tried it out) and I would not sell it for less than 1000$/Euros. They cost new around 5.000$ in the mid eighties.

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