Sad news


Chris Bunsen has passed away. Chris worked on design and firmware for various HP calculators, and was awarded patents on a number of innovations.


....wrote HP Solve, played the Tiple, could deliver a baby, known for his cooking.... He sounds like he could have been the model for the man in Heinlein's quote Specialization is for Insects.
It's too late but, thanks Mr Bunsen.


He did HP-Solve? Hope he left at least some write ups about it. HP-Solve is - not only for me - a milestone.



Wow, Chris was behind the implementation of HP Solve???!! Sad day for algorithm loves like myself. Chris you are the man!!



Chris Bunsen was behind the HP Solve user interface of the HP-18C and subsequent calculators: ( History and Inspiration of the Solve Interface, by Chris M. Bunsen, can be found at page 10)

The SOLV key, a primary function on the HP-28S, was one of the things that impressed me back in the day. Still today a joy to use!

The algorithm itself was based upon Prof. Kahan's, I think:

It's really bad news when a creative and active mind goes away unexpectedly. Rest in peace, Mr. Bunsen!



In a direct communication with professor Kahan to inquire about the details of the Solve algorithm, he mentioned that as master's student was working on it. What was Chris's involvement? I don't know. Does anyone have more insight?


I remember the menu implementation on the HP 41CX. thanks for your work, Chris.



RIP Mr. Bunsen. Thank you for everything. Condolences and comfort to the family.

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