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I need help finding a corresponding keystroke or sub routine for the 42s that corresponds to the regswap command in 41cx programming. I have an old hp67 program I use frequently in my work that is rewritten for the 41cx and I want to use it on my 42s. The 67 program used the primary and secondary register exchange, the 41cx used a specific block of registers specified by size of block and location to exchange data. I can find no corresponding keystroke sequence in the 42s manual. Maybe someone else has run across this problem? If someone has a solution I would appreciate the help, or drop in and say hello. Thank you.


William, know the instruction you mean but it is not a native of the HP41. The Instruction you refer to is part of the card reader translation library for 67 41 compatability. The best I can suggest is a subroutine to do the swap for you.


Dave thanks for the reply. I have a subroutine written already, but I am exploring the possibility of using matrix row swap with the 42s. I havent really explored it yet but it may have promise.

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