Free emulator of the new HP-300S+ available !


HP has just released it !





US American spelling is often ...



You've got an eye for details. Use it more often, I'd say. Especially when designing calculator keyboards.


You've got an eye for details. Use it more often, I'd say. Especially when designing calculator keyboards.

LOL, that was indeed a good one! ;-)



Which one? First or second?



Amassing! 5+3=8 ;)

This is comforting, indeed! In George Orwell's 1984, one of the most painful parts of the book, at least
for me, was a psychological torture session in which the subject was forced to believe that 2 + 2 = 5.

Probably this episode was inspired by a piece of soviet propaganda:


Olá Gerson,

Nice find :-) Anybody able to decode / translate what's written there? I con only decipher "PLUS xxxxxxxxx RABOxICH" in the orange rectangle and guess "additional work" should be added.


Hallo Walter,

I studied Russian for three weeks in 1980, so I can read a bit Cyrillic, but of course I understand close to nothing. From memory:

arifmetika      arithmetic      
bstrenogo ?
promfinplana ? 5 plan (well, finp resembles fünf)
plyus plus
zntyuzyazm enthusiam
raboix ? something to do with labor, perhaps
The transcription obviously is not completely correct.



P.S.: Google tranlation:

Arithmetic counter-plans
plus the enthusiasm of the workers

You were right in the part you've attacked, myself not so quite.

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It's a propagandiscic poster, I think. In the Soviet Union was a weighty economical crisis. So the Soviet government made 5 year economical planes. If the workers were so eager, to accomplish this 5 year plane only 4 years was enough.


There was absolutely no industrial crisis in the USSR at the time.
However, there was agricultural one due to mass collectivization.


Arithmetics of industrial-financial plan:

2+2+workers' enthusiasm=5





Nice emulator!!



Is the application solar powered too? ;-)




Yes it is solar with a twist! The calculator's virtual solar panel is actually functional! It powers the host PC!!




Sounds like that's one very useful emulator. Use your computer while the application is running and not have to leave your PC plugged in. :-)


It surely looks nice, but its usability is seriously crippled by the fact that only the number keys, DEL and AC are mapped to the keyboard, and not even the four basic operators. It is intended as a demo for the real calc, and it shows.


You can just edit the KML file and the keys start working. Feel free to create your own mapping as the default might not please everybody.

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