HP 41c with white trim instead of yellow


I have bought a non-working, otherwise pristine Fullnut HP 41c. The original intention was to convert it into a CL.

The strange thing (in my ignorance of the collector matters) is that the rim of the keyboard is white, instead of yellow, as the rest of my 41cv/cx are. Is this normal?

On the other hand, the shifted keys are still yellow.

It is neither a blanknut nor a tall keys model. Serial number is 2218S41974.

Feedback would be appreciated!


By the way, I have fixed it. It just was the screw post broken, and therefore the circuit not pressured enough against the keyboard printed connectors.

Some glue fixed it. My first Fullnut: the screen contrast seems to be much better than the half nuts I have.


Hi Jose, all 41C have the silver trim.


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