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I have a few general questions about the intended display and menu behaviour:

1) I guess the display will have 4 lines to show all 4 stack levels at the same time, right?

2) Are the 1/2/3 menu lines extra lines (below the stack display), or do they partially overwrite the stack lines when any menu is called?

3) If you call any menu (e.g. TRIG or XMATH), will these menu line(s) stay (i.e. be permanent) until you deactivate it again (e.g. by calling TRIG, XMATH or any other different menu again), or is the menu only displayed until you press any of the menu keys (and then removed automatically again)?



1) The display is dot matrix. So the output will be what we make it.

2) Display space will be sufficient to see the three menu lines as an extra area.

3) I tend to let them stay.

But the latter two weren't discussed internally at depth yet, so that may change without notice.




2) Display space will be sufficient to see the three menu lines as an extra area.

3) I tend to let them stay.

That are indeed great news! :-)

But with extra and permanent menus I don't understand the discussion about the 6 top menu keys at all!?

If these menus are permanent then the user has 3 additional rows of 'extra' keys. Now if (besides user key assignments) you also allow a user menu assignment, then everyone could assign 18 of his preferred functions to these 18 menu entries. And after he has activated this 'user menu' once, there's no need to press any menu prefix key to get the desired function (except of course [f] or [g] for the shifted ones).

Actually this would mean the following:

Whatever functions you're currently assigning (and labelling) to the top F1..F6 keys in your "b" layout - this can simply be done by every user in his own preferred way (via a 'user menu'), and all those 18 assigments are reachable (and displayed!) directly as if they would be printed on these 6 function keys.

So I don't see any advantage at all in having any labels on those 6 menu keys (other than F1..F6), when everyone wants different functions and everyone can simply define his own 6 (in fact even 18) functions!

PS: Maybe a good place for switching on/off this 'user menu' would be [g][USER] (labelled MENU), because the [USER] key has still no [g]-shifted function.

And of course there could/should be a 'default' (predefined) user menu with (6-18) functions which most users want (e.g. all the functions you've currently put on your "b" layout), so that nobody is forced to define his own user menu).


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Sorry, now you fell into an elephant trap ;-)

  1. You didn't recognize the disclaimer in my answer #-/
  2. You took my statement for truth although you told me some minutes before that my vote doesn't count much #-?
I have to conclude that your way of handling elementary facts and communication seems a bit ... ummh ... less traceable than that of others. Just FYI ...



Ok, forget it!

With your resentment against me it seems you can't even discuss about good suggestions just because they come from me.

So build your new calculator however you want, this was my last contribution about this topic here.



117 and counting ...



Will you ever grow up???

Strange, whenever I read your 'useful' answers here, I'm reminded on the German song "Mein Gott, Walter". ;-)




Slowly it's becoming boring with you ... 118 ...


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