[Clonix/NOV] NoV-64 backwards compatibility


I e-mailed this to Diego but I believe it will be of interest to others here so I'm copying my query to Diego and his response as well.

Hi Diego,

I have been reading the NoV-64 documentation (and other documentation online your site) in anticipation of being ready for the arrival of your module. Very neat stuff. I had a few questions, though, which I hope you would explain. If you like, I can post this on HP Museum forum for everyone to see - maybe others have the same questions.

In your comparison chart notes (last page, Special Applications), you state that the NoV-64 can be configured to operate like a Clonix-D (i.e., a ROM module only mode, with no RAM or HEPAX, with different ROM depending on whether it's in an odd or even port). This is stated to be useful for the service diagnostic ROMs and the Forth 41 ROM.

I don't see anything about this in the NoV-64 documentation. I see no way to disable the HEPAX or RAM capabilities of the NoV-64, and use it as a ROM-only device. Indeed, on page 5 the control word structure (h'FHL) shows no option to have no RAM. It seems the NoV-64 documentation assumes that you always want HEPAX and at least 16k RAM.

Additionally, in the special applications section of the comparison chart, it indicates that the NoV-64 can provide double extended memory to the CX or CV (with X-Functions). Yet, I see nothing about this in the NoV-64 manual.

Sorry to take up your time. I really appreciate your help and all of your advice and information shared over the years on HP Museum forums.



Diego's reply (with very minor editing):

Hi Doug

Please feel free to post your questions at the MoHPC. As you pointed out, some other users may find them useful too.

Regarding the "Backwards compatibility" (so to say) of my modules things are as follows:

  • NoV-32, can be configured using either NoVRAM software or Clonix-41 software.

  • NoVRAM can be configured using Clonix-41 software.

  • NoV-64 and USB-41 can be configured using Clonix-D software. Some limitation apply in this case since you can only use 6 pages and have to program them on both ROM blocks.

The selection is done at programming time with the ClonixConfig utility. Just mark the corresponding check-box of the module you want program-like and proceed as usual.

Therfore, once you have programmed your NoV-64 using its own NoV-64 software, you cannot switch it to Clonix-D mode without re-programming.

Contents of the RAM memory area in the NoV modules is preserved while using them as Clonix's.

Forth and Service module(s) as well as the Dbl EXT memory and the CY emulation applications have their own selection in the configuration utility as they use specific pages, or an entire different software for the EXT Mem or CY.

Once you select any of this specific modes, the ClonixConfig utility just provide the required programming for the task.

Certainly the documentation is far from clear in such aspects. It may be a good idea to include an appendix with the details explained above. Some details however are shown in the ClonixConfig utility manual. Alas, again not fully detailed.

The site is in need of a deep cleaning and reorganization. There will probably be a few more misplaced links, lack of time I'm afraid, but hope this new year allows more dedication to my favorite hobby... :-)

Hope you find this info useful, please do not hesitate in mailing me with other comments or questions. (My gmail account is already back to functional status.)

Thanks again for your interest and my best wishes from Caribbean Sea.


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