HP-48GX's on Ebay


There always seem to be a pile of new 48GX's for sale on ebay at a Buy-It-Now price of $89. I'd be tempted to buy one as a backup, but I am afraid they will be really old stock. I much prefer the higher contrast of the black LCD display, even though the older models may be a little more substantial. Has anyone here tried these out? Thanks in advance.


No, I haven't, but if the seller is cedmunds then he usually indicates in his description whether it's the newer screen or not. I see he has a new black-on-grey unit for auction now, but the "buy-it-now" price is $129.

I'm interested in your opinion regarding the contrast of the new machines. Is the contrast in the newer machines really that much better? Is the improvement so significant that it compensates for the lack of "substance" in these newer, Chinese-built units?

I've never been a heavy 48 user, so I don't think I've ever used one for long enough to notice, but I never found the older screen all that difficult to read. If it was an issue with power users, I wonder what took HP so long to fix it?


I wouldn't call myself a power user either, but... I find the screen on the newer 48GX substantially better compared to a unit made when they first came out. I found the old 48SX screen almost unusable in some lighting situations. The 48GX was a noticeable improvement, but the newest version is the first one I really like.


Hi Don,

What do you mean by the older 48gx models having more "substance"?
Do the new models look weak, are they too light?


My first impression was that the newer HP-48GX feels a little lighter than my older unit, and that the printing of the key labels is a little poorer quality. In response to your question, I put them side-by-side, and the difference in weight is negligible. The key legends are a truly little better on the old unit, but the screen is definitely more readable on the newer one. For reference, the old unit was made in Singapore, and the new one in Indonesia. It would seem that my perception that the newer one was less robust was an probably an error. I apologize for giving the wrong information.

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some months ago, I bought an HP48G+ to keep as a spare. I felt gladly surprised when I saw the LCD: the same one that comes with the HP49G, i.e., black dots in a light-gray background. Amazingly easier to read.

Is that what you mean about your 48's LCD?

Just to make sure about it.



Yes, the black-on-gray display is the improvement I was referring to.


I own a Singapore GX and an Indonesia GX. The Singapore unit has the blue screen while the Indonesia unit has the black screen. When I first started using the black screen I felt the same way, that it was easier to read and just looked better. But after going back to my Singapore unit, I have to say I like the blue screen better. In some situations, the contrast is just as good, only that its blue which I find easier to look at.

All in all though, its just a display and they both do the job well so it basically comes down to what you personally like best (blue screen for me).

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