Newest 41CL ROM Images


I received my 41CL in on December 12th, and additional ROM images have been subsequently added by Monte.

What is the best source for the additional images?

HP41 System Demo (4 pages)
Extended Mass Storage ROM
Library-4 41Z Diagnostic ROM
Library-4 Polynomial ROM
Library-4 Matrix ROM
Library-4 Adv. Matrix ROM (8 pages)


Afraid I´m to blame for all those one way or another. Some are my own ROMS, some are compilations (SYSDEMO and XMASST) I´ve done. The Library'4 versions are updates to previous modules, taking advantage of the routine library in page 4. Manuals will eventually be produced... someday.

Edited to add: SYSDEMO is documented on TOS, although Sylvain Cote has added his own programs to it and corrected issues with the original listings. It´s not submitted yet but it will soon.


Edited: 15 Jan 2013, 2:53 p.m.


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