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Hi all,

Meanwhile, I'm pretty close to finalizing a print edition of the manual, v3.2. It will contain some 240 full-color pages, paper-back bound. Price will be around 34 US$ (this turns out to be most difficult to fix due to tax and postage matters, so don't shoot me if I have to rise that a bit though I don't hope so). I'm afraid spiral binding is not possible at this cost level.

To get a feeling of the print numbers and distribution, please indicate if you're interested in ordering a copy (or more :-) ) and tell me your home country, too. This is no order yet.



One copy to France, please.


One or maybe two (have to ask my dad if he wants one too) to Germany please.


Count me in in the U.S. as well...



One copy to Germany, please.



One copy to Spain, please!


Another to the U.S., please.





Maybe you could sell printed but unbound copies for those that want to spiral bind their own. Though packaging the loose leafs might be a problem unless plastic wrapped.



You can get any binding as long as it's paper back (think of Henry Ford ;-) KISS).



Does that mean the outside cover will be black ;-)


Actually, the cover adds two to the number of full-color pages.



I want one for France too please!

I'm able to translate it to french correctly, not sure if you need that. I guess most of us will be allright with an english verison!

(Translating computer books from english to french has been my job years ago, but of course I'd translate it for free.)


Bonjour Francis,

mercí bien pour ta offre :-) But I share your view that English will do for (I think all of) our customers in an Angloistic world. Think of the labels printed ENTER, STO, RCL, VIEW, EEX, LBL, RTN, DEG, GRAD, GTO, XEQ, CLx, etc., etc. our English born friends all take for granted - and how annoyed they will react if they would be confronted with labels taken from another language. OTOH, it won't make things a lot easier explaining English command labels in another language. I added some notes in the book where I point to translation traps and relations to non-English terms where I know them - this picture will remain ievitably incomplete since I don't know sufficient. Anyway, thanks again!



I don't have any real difficulty with my Russian labeled Elektronica calculator and I'm effectively mono-lingual. The latter is rather pathetic, the former an indication of what is required/available in a calculator.

- Pauli


Maybe an extra explanation is required: That book shall have one fixed price for the customer (incl. shipping), regardless where you live on this planet. IMHO that's the only fair offer in a globalized world. Nevertheless I've to cope with all the relicts of nationalism - and the price has to cover them.



One to France here. ;-)

(wondering how you manage a single price including shipping anywhere WW... I can't think of any other good available under these same conditions)


i'd like to have a copy, too, please. i live in switzerland.

thank you,


One for the US, please.



Count another to the U.S., please.
Thank you, Xavier.


One more for US


One more for Arizona, US.



Two, please, to the Cleveland, Ohio, area, although shipping it back in time to my coordinates may raise the price a tad.

I may not be kidding about the time difference. My brother once sent me an e-mail and it arrived 13 minutes before he sent it (according to the server timestamps in the headers). Had it flown any closer to downtown Browns-town, it would've gone back to the 1960s.



One for me please, in the USA

Thanks, Bob


Another copy to Germany, please.
Thanks, Michael


One to U.S. (Colorado) please.


Another to the US for me.


And another to the US.


One for U.S.A., please.


And another to the US please.


One here for Illinois, USA.


Interested in one, USA. Thanks!


One for the USA, (cold) Colorado.



One to Norway


One to U.S.


One for the USA.

I REALLY like the print quality, paper and binding of Wlodek's book. I hope that you'll consider a similar printing.



I REALLY like the print quality, paper and binding of Wlodek's book. I hope that you'll consider a similar printing.

I do.
BTW, I've got Wlodek's book myself (fifth edition, third printing). The only points I know for sure so far are my book will be larger size, paper back, and use different fonts (look at the previous files at sourceforge and the OP).




I would also like a copy, to the USA.



I'd be interested in a copy (to Germany).


I would be interested in a copy for Austria.


One copy to Australia, please.


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