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For this new year I propose the following new emulators on google play

- go125x sharp pc 1250,1251 ... emulator with a ce126 printer (smaller than an HP11C and up to 18KB of ram)

- go126x sharp pc 1260,1261 ... emulator with a ce126 printer (2 lines and the most pocketable one)

- go1350 sharp pc 1350 emulator with a ce126 printer (huge graphics but only 20KB of ram)

- go1360 sharp pc 1360 emulator with a ce126 printer (huge graphics and memory upto 32KB)

- go1475 sharp pc 1475 emulator with a ce126 printer (nice for math addicts with matrix and double precision)

All works from speed x1 upto x40 even when loading emulated tapes :)

Tapes can be converted from wav and bin files from PocketTools (bin2tap.c is given bin2tap.exe also for windows)

go1500 still exists for a nice pc 1500 experience (for free you can play with gopc2, its tandy clone in base version)

More info at


Edited: 10 Jan 2013, 5:24 p.m.


My. You've been busy! ;-)



Your emulators are the reason I will be switching early next month from the iPhone 4 to the Samsung phone.


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