Has anyone reported this bug to HP?




I know the workaround, but think HP might fix it if we let them know. Anyone know if a fix is forthcoming or where a ROM for Emu that has a fix may be obtained? Short of that, what is the most effective channel through whic to notify HP?

Thanks in advance


what is the most effective channel through whic to notify HP?

Funny, it reminded me of the Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon Cooper says he once spent two-and-a-half hours on hold with Hewlett-Packard customer service just to complain about their customer service.

Good luck!


It is not a bug if it is working as designed. That result is due to the way they designed it to work way back when. Changing it would cause issues in other areas of the math library.


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I doubt they will fix any bugs, given this list:


I submitted a bug that affects pretty much _ALL_ operations that accept "integers" in place of "reals." In such cases, the operation will convert "integers" to "reals" -- but if an under/over flow occurs... then you get garbage.


Thank you for the link (BTW #156 is appalling).

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