has everyone seen this?


It's sold and gone but interesting. Maybe he'll make more? hp should have and could have made these.


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That's clever.


Thanks. I've saved this seller in my eBay preferences.


What a marvelous invention. :)



I make my own AAA battery holders for the classic HP calcs. Unlike this one it takes only minutes to make and costs very little. It's ugly but once you have the cover on the battery compartment it looks just fine :)

Here's the thread showing this.



Works well, however...

The batteries in this case fixture did not form a good, solid connection with the contacts when the classic series calculators were placed on their back and operated normally, in my experience.

I put some filler in the battery pack to more firmly press them against the contacts and all is well.

Yes, it is possible that my battery prongs might not be as springy as they used to be or were not bending upward with enough force, but it happened on more than one unit, and does not happen with the rechargeable packs, so I suspected this unit.

That said, this was a year or year and a half ago and the construction might have changed a bit.

And, EVEN WITH THE NEED I had to put in some filler to make good contacts, the ability to use AA batteries is very helpful indeed.



The V-grove battery contacts certainly work better than the flat one in the battery packs I made. I think that the main reason is that the V creates 2 (potentially 3) points of contact, while there's just the one with the flat contact. Get a little oxide on that one contact point and it stops working, adding pressure like you do with the filler material helps overcome this. I find that DeoxIT helps a lot too.


+1 for Katie's version.

I made up a couple using adhesive copper tape for the contacts and they work great. With the capacity of modern batteries, the down-sizing to AAA isn't a big deal (particularly for the shelf-queens that you just want to light up a few times a year).

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