Electronics in the office


just a quick shot of the 'office' with the HP flavour of the day:

In a banked turn for a landing in Vancouver at 7pm:

Cheers and happy new year!

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My C172 cockpit needs an upgrade!



I suggest that for HHC2013, Air Canada commissions you to fly and pick up the attendees from special hub airports!!! That will be way cool! I am sure we will be in the news.




Wish I had a C172! What year is yours. If I ever win a lottery it would be a C185 on floats so that I can tie a kayak to each pontoon and go up the coast.


Merry belated Christmas, your card arrived! In the old days at Air Canada we could actually get them to sponsor things. Today I am just an employee, no longer a manger. You would think my job description is the epitome of managing though.

Luis and Eddie,

The b777 flies beautifully and one feels like shuttle pilot, except, with engines! You almost want to play "where no man has gone before when you approach a large city at night.

Cheers, all



I don't really have a C172 - I rent when necessary. The last one was a real dog - about 20 years old!! VORs barely worked and the magnetic compass was about 15-20 degrees off (that's after the usual correction for deviation!).

I was part owner of a Cardinal RG (C179, I think, is the model number on that one) for a while - a lot nicer (and faster)!!


20 years? That's new for a 172!

My Citabria just turned 40 and she's no dog.


I like the HP 71 :-)


TERRIFIC, Geoff.............
happy new year!


Not meaning to 7500 this thread, I just want to show the HP electronics in my cockpit. Those are HP HDSP2111 smart LED displays replacing the Terra radio's unreliable thumb switches. The radio had a digital tuner so I programmed an Intel 8749 to run the displays and tune the radio. The ROM includes a 124-station database to call up a frequency by name. The program is pure assembly language, which I learned easily because I grew up on keystroke programmable calculators.


The program is pure assembly language, which I learned easily because I grew up on keystroke programmable calculators.
I think I'm seeing the value of this more and more on another forum. I have the same experience but hadn't really thought about it until recently.

Your displays look similar to ones Avago Technologies makes which are serially interfaced and you just feed them dot information. They take care of the strobing and brightness but do not have their own character generation.

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Neat! Used Omega nav up north, above 75'north lat on the 737. I see Unicom dialed up 122.8. Nice display!



I'm intrigued - what is written on the Post-It note below the standby ADI?


I'm intrigued - what is written on the Post-It note below the standby ADI?

"Honey - don't forget to pick up a loaf of bread on the way home"


The Break schedule!

15 hour flight; four breaks. My 41c, 42s, 71B, 34s all have a break schedule routine which prints out any type of schedule you can dream up for the flight crew.

In this case, 4 breaks, two short lasting 2:40 and two long lasting 4. Two pilots in the upstairs bunk and two at the controls.

Cheers, Geoff

On approach it is the ATIS and gate assignment. On departure it is the departure ATIS. In flight the break schedule.

ATIS = Automatic Terminal Information Service = the weather, airport conditions, active runway

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