WP 34S: Remove "m.dy"?


My apologies for what is probably a simple question regarding the remarkable WP 34S. Specifically, mine shows "m.dy" all the time unless overridden by a program or other function. Is there a way to blank the alpha display by default? I know it's in m.dy mode and don't need it distracting me all the time.

Please don't consider this a complaint about the firmware - that is magnificent! But having read the fine manual several times I've missed a way to clear that display.

Thanks to all -


I'm awfully sorry but mode indications are permanent. And we found no smaller way to indicate this unique setting (see p. 39) on this great display. Alas, it costs a bit more having a special taste ;-) Anyway "m.dy" will get out of the way as soon as display space is required for something more important (see p. 35). Thanks for your understanding.



Good heavens, Walter, no need for sorrow! I'm just glad I'm not so knuckleheaded that I missed something obvious in the manual. The "m.dy" indication is fine - I'll just consider it another feature of this, my primary use calculator. Many thanks!


Very annoying - seems like a good time for custom firmware practice!


Of course I can't say for sure, but somehow I feel this is Walter's revenge for 30 years of staring at this annoying D.MY indicator in the display of his 12C. :-)))




Mine too -- most of the English speaking world uses day-month-year for dates.

- Pauli

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