Silver paint for HP 35 case


I am having a late HP35 restored.

I would most welcome suggestions for the type of silver paint I can use to restore the silvered case parts.

I live in the UK, but would source any appropriate suggestions via the net.

Thank you for your suggestions




I use either Humbrol enamel or Revell colors for modelbuilding for such a job. Humbrol offers two different silver colors: "silver metallic" and "chrome silver". I used the first one.

Maybe other members have better suggestions (Geoff - are you listening ? :-) BTW: any news about your book ?)

Kind regards



Thank you for your reply, Karl.

I was concerned that the silver paints I remember from my childhood in the 1970's had a finish like corroding aluminium.

I would like to replicate the chrome effect.

I had considered a light adhesive and silver metal leaf.

I will seek out your suggestions 1st

Regards Anoop

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