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John M (Ottawa) wrote on 15 Sept 2012, 5:12 p.m. 
> [...] When I power up, I get flashing display - alternating between cursor and
> full-segment display (all pixels on). Pressing any key results in flashing to
> change between "error 01" and full-segment display.

He also indicates that the computer in question is a 9825A without any ROM cartridges.

However, the behavior of trying to load smth from a tape, reminds me of the autostart facility of the I/O ROM of the 9825 (9825 I/O ROM manual, page 4-3):

If a tape cartridge is installed when the computer is switched on,
it automatically executes a load program 0 ( ldp0) statement from
track 0.

The I/O ROM is normally not present in an 9825A unless the appropriate drawer is in place. However, if the 9825A has been upgraded, it may contain built-in ROMs.

This should be indicated in the inside cover of the printer paper bin.


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