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I bought a long time ago an HP9144 HP-IB drive in Germany and I was wondering how it worked. I do not have the user's manual and drivers. What I saw was the fact my PC recognized an HP-IB peripheral via HP82335A card. Thanks for assistance.



you know that the 9144/9145 were made mainly for use with HP9000 Series 300 computers running HP-UX.

I don't know if any drivers exist.
AFAIK you could use the tape drive as normal device
under HP-UX.

I doubt it will work with a PC.


BTW: If you need tapes for this machine,
maybe I have some spare...


Thanks, Raymond. Then people will find it for sale on hpmuseum and later if not sold, on ebay. I thought I could pilot it via HP82169A from an HP-71B. It has 9 cassettes.


Here are some pictures of the drive
and cartridges previously mentionned:

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