PCB pictures of a HP10B, HP20S or HP21S?



I'm looking for pictures of both sides of the PCB from a HP10B or HP20S or HP21S calculator (Low Range Pioneer with LU7 Bert chip). I expect that all 3 calculator use the same PCB so IMHO it doesn't matter from which one the pictures are.



There were different boards.

First is a 20S (1LU7-0303), Serial 3125S...

Later, they changed the packaging which IIRC matched the 12C chip package. That version is a 10B (1LU7-0006), Serial ID922...

Neither board shown has any plate-throughs. Earlier versions used tab packages with the typical HP gold plate double sided plate throughs, same as the early Pioneer 17/27/42S type.

If you want the full size images, shoot me a message, they are too big to post with the user account here.

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