New solar TI calculator


Like HP and its SmartCalc 300 upgrade into HP300S+, TI upgrades its TI Collège Plus into TI College Plus Solar.

Are these two models going to counterpart Casio FX-92 ?...


At least the HP 300S+ seems to have a nice brick design, which is _much_ better than the awful angled case sides of the 300S (w/o +) and the 30b.

But which dumbhead descided to use a shiny faceplate? That was a bad (unergonomic) design decision in the 20b/30b and 39gII, too.

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39gII doesn't have a shiny high-polish faceplate. It is a painted surface, but you can't see fingerprints if that is your concern.

Now dirty over time...



Thanks for the correction. From the pics of the 39gII I saw so far it looked as if it were shiny.

It's not only the fingerprints, but also the reflexions which will be disturbing. Therefore tools like calculators or portable computers should have non-glare surfaces, like most ThinkPads do.



Agreed. Not a fan of shiny myself.

If it does have to be shiny though, white is much better then black. Reflections really don't show and neither do fingerprints.



The key layout of the HP 300S+ bears some significant similarity to that of the Casio fx-115ES Plus, itself a very competent design.


But I think the 300s+ has less functions.

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At least the TI keeps the arithmetic operators in a vertical line, HP-300s/300s+ follows the Sharp & Casio's with the arithmetic operators in a square form.

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Like HP and its SmartCalc 300 upgrade into HP300S+, TI upgrades its TI Collège Plus into TI College Plus Solar.

Are these two models going to counterpart Casio FX-92 ?...

Ugh more shiny plastic.

HP300S+ looks like another crippled FX991ES like the original 300S was. Why would you buy one when you can pick up a Casio FX991ES for virtually nothing and it has in addition a reasonable solver, summation, integration, base-n, complex nums, vectors, matrices and conversions built in?

It appears to have the same fundamental OS as well - probably designed and made by the same outfit.

Dear HP: What I really want a programmable 991ES with units - that would actually be a useful and incredibly powerful device :)

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