Has the HP 19BII been discontinued?





Well, the 19BII has been removed from the HP website and it's becoming extremely difficult to find new units, so I think that you are right, the 19BII has been discontinued.

In the summer I went looking for a 19BII and I could only find them in one store; Staples Business Depot (I think they're known as Staples in the US). They told me that the calculator could no longer be ordered, so once a store sold out, that was it.

To be honest, the new 19BIIs were nothing special; they were poorly made and you could tell. I had the opportunity to try out a few brand new 19BIIs and they were all the same...luckily, I found a new-in-box unit from 1996 at an electronics store and it was great!! You may want to keep your eyes on the classified ads here for an older one.

A few weeks ago someone mentioned that HP was coming out with two new financial calculators; that may be the reason why the 17BII and 19BII were discontinued.

Hope that helps!

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