What a calculator geek dreams of?


Last week I was in Allentown, PA for some meetings with Lutron. As I was driving to their campus in Coopersburg early one morning, I nearly got into an accident when I slammed on the brakes, having just caught this sign out of the corner of my eye.

Regrettably the place was closed, and seemed to be advertising mostly printing calculators. Note the advert for Victor Big Print in the window.





Is it "worth a detour" from New York?


I think it would be rather a long detour just to visit the shop, but then again we are an OCD crowd aren't we, so maybe not so long a detour? However, that corner of PA is exceptionally beautiful and if you were to make it a detour of a few days, I would heartily recommended it. Or if you are like me—and Frank Llloyd Wright obsessed—you can keep travelling west and find yourself near Uniontown and see Falling Water and Kentuck Knob ;).


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