I have purchased both versions of the new HP 6S calculator. I find them confusing to use, but ony because I prefer RPN logic. They have a useful FIX function that I haven't seen on calculators of such a low price. They also have a "backspace" key like other HP models. One thing I did notice is a difference between the displays on the two versions. I also took them both apart. The solar powered one has a battery in it. Anyone have any other comments or observations on the 6S. I realize it isn't the choice of the true HP fan since it is algebraic logic but it is an HP calculator nonetheless. Regards, Randy.


The solar model is far more usable & readable Also it is much slower due to lower power use & parts I would presume... Lets hope an RPN model is in the works


I don't like the feel of the buttons. They don't "click" like the other HPs. The whole unit looks and feels disposible. Clearly, the 6S models are aimed at art history or English majors who have to take a science course to graduate, and people who only need to do a few calculations. They are not designed for "power users" like the people who visit this web site!


They are meant to be low cost, if you spill on them you don't cry about buying a new onem the buttons are certainly better than the Casio or Sharp models for the price. Again, RPN would be nice...


I agree, RPN would be nice. But I won't hold my breath.


I was hoping when HP came out with this new model that it would use RPN. I'm used to using my 48GX and 32II, but would like something smaller to carry in the briefcase. HP are you listening?


I think the 6S models are aimed at elementary and middle-school students as a means of kicking their math and science skills into high gear at a low cost. I recently downloaded a .pdf document from an HP site entitled, "Keys to the Calculator", a resource for middle school teachers full of student exercises on real-world-type math problems ("But when am I ever gonna use this?"). I, too would have rather seen these machines done in RPN; I gave my daughter a 32SII when she started high school, and she quickly became hooked on RPN, and was able to calculate rings around classmates who were stuck with TI and Casio junk. Alas, she's decided to major in history. (Sigh.) Earth to Corvallis: are you listening? How about at least a config key to select ALG/RPN modes?

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