41Z_4L: a Complex Relapse


That's it folks, the last piece of the migration to the Library#4 environment is finally done: the library#4-aware version of the 41Z Module is ready and soon to be posted at a TOS near you.

The reclaimed room has been put to a good use: complex-argument versions of the Error function, Exponential integrals (with Sin, Cos and hyperbolics), all using the Hypergeometric function as calculation method (courtesy of Jean-Marc Baillard). All works on any CX, but on the CL is just a wonder to behold...

Add to the list a modest implementation of the Polylogarithm, plus enhanced launchers and more robust code - and as always, at the right price. And sure enough updated manuals for both the 41Z and the SandMath accompany the new revisions - proving once again that documentation can also be fun :-)

Subtle tweaks to the Library and SandMath modules have also been done along the way; just make sure you download revision "H" and use matching revisions of all components.

Finally the project is complete! sort of an early Xmas pressent,hope you enjoy it,



Thank you so much Angel, your work is very much appreciated!
Good to read that you also kind of enjoy documenting your modules.
So please don't stop the project now, we're all hoping (at least I am hoping :-)) for the release of the documention of some other LIB4 - jewels, Rampage4, Toolbox4, AMC_OSX4, AlPHA4 - four example! :-)


Glad to hear that Michael, rest assured those manuals will eventually come into being - in the mean time you can check the PowerCL manual, its current edition has a lot of the ToolBox, Bufferland and Rampage contents documented, in the "System Extensions" sections.

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