May be a little early ...


... but I just couldn't hold back this nice example of inter-device communication:




To Walter, Paul, Marcus,

Thank you for your very special Christmas greetings, received today through Svn latest update :-)

A big thank you for the great enjoyment you provide to all of us and best wishes to you and the people you love.

To Monte, thank you for the CL and your patient and dedicated support.

To Oscar Niemeyer, thank you for the magic. You will be remembered well beyond 2012.

And to you all forum members - and regardless of your vote in the polls :-) my best wishes for you and your relatives and thank you for all those years spent in good company.



Allow me to second you, Etienne.

When good words express our thoughts, it is easier to follow them.



I don't fathom the meaning of the numeric displays, if such exists. The two 34S's are displaying the speed of light (c) and a form of Plank's constant (h-bar) which gives us CH. I can't see the pattern behind the 34C's and 42S's displays however.

- Pauli


The 42 is [1,pi] in polar.

Not sure about the 34C.


I noticed the rectangular version was close to PI. Didn't try the reverse to check, but you are quite correct.

- Pauli

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