Mapping HP48 Text to Unicode


Here is a table for how to translate HP48 text characters into Unicode characters, which is what modern computers use for text. Now HP48 developers create software that transfers, displays, or edits HP48 characters (ex: copying a file from an HP48 calc to a computer) with code that will reliably display a corresponding character. By using this mapping table, we should be able to avoid the garbage data, bugs, and crashes that has been an issue for some PC/Mac/Linux side HP48 software.

Further details and explanations in an easier to read format is available at

Mapping HP48 Text to Unicode

Most HP48 characters can be directly mapped to Unicode characters for the ranges of 0x00 to 0x1F, 0x20 to 0x7E, and 0xA0 to 0xFF. For example, an HP48 character of 'A' is 0x41 (65 in decimal) and in Unicode would be 0041 (65 in decimal). However, the 34 special characters of 0x1F and from 0x7F to 0x9F should be translated by the below table:

HP48 Unicode
Dec Hex Code Name
--------- ------------

31 1F 2026 Ellipsis
127 7F 2592 Medium Shade
128 80 2220 Measured Angle
129 81 0101 Latin Small Letter a with Macron
130 82 2207 Nabla
131 83 221A Square Root
132 84 222B Integral
133 85 03A3 Greek Capital Letter Sigma
134 86 25B6 Black Right-Pointing Triangle
135 87 03C0 Greek Small Letter Pi
136 88 2202 Partial Differential
137 89 2264 Less-Than or Equal To
138 8A 2265 Greater-Than or Equal To
139 8B 2260 Not Equal To
140 8C 03B1 Greek Small Letter Alpha
141 8D 2192 Rightwards Arrow
142 8E 2190 Leftwards Arrow
143 8F 2193 Downwards Arrow
144 90 2191 Upwards Arrow
145 91 03B3 Greek Small Letter Gamma
146 92 03B4 Greek Small Letter Delta
147 93 03B5 Greek Small Letter Epsilon
148 94 03B7 Greek Small Letter Eta
149 95 03B8 Greek Small Letter Theta
150 96 03BB Greek Small Letter Lamda
151 97 03C1 Greek Small Letter Rho
152 98 03C3 Greek Small Letter Sigma
153 99 03C4 Greek Small Letter Tau
154 9A 03C9 Greek Small Letter Omega
155 9B 0394 Greek Capital Letter Delta
156 9C 03A0 Greek Capital Letter Pi
157 9D 03A9 Greek Capital Letter Omega
158 9E 25A0 Black Square
159 9F 221E Infinity

If you are using UTF-8, then it is necessary to encode each Unicode characters into the appropriate 1, 2, or 3 byte sequences.


Unicode Standard:

Unicode Character Name Index:

UTF-8 summary:


Hello Chris,

is that also a problem by transferring files between HP 50g and PC?
If yes, it is possible to use same mapping table?

Thank you for your efforts,

Edited: 9 Dec 2012, 3:30 a.m.


I'm no expert on the HP 49/50 line of products. However, I did find an HP-49 manual at

Overall, the table I provided is fine with the following exceptions. Someone will need to search the Unicode tables for the correct character.

Dec   Hex   Name
160 A0 Euro (HP changed the standard non-breaking space to the Euro character)
10 0A Newline
28 1B Large Left-pointing Black Arrow
29 1C Solid Black Cursor
30 1D Ellipse


Hello Chris,

thank you for sharing your knowledge!
This is a good information for hp 50g user.




Thanks for putting this together. Can I suggest that you put it in the articles section of this forum? This seems like a useful bit of information.



That's a great idea! I'll look into writing one.

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