HP71B/HPIL/9114B File Operations


All, I need some help with some file operations using the HP71B with 9114B disk drive. I have an HP labeled disk and I can perform CAT :1 to get the files listed on the diskette. I'm trying to copy all the files on original to a backup disk. All files that are of type BASIC or TEXT copy fine. However, there are 2 files that have "-5808" in the file type field and they give an "Invalid File Type" message when performing a copy. Any ideas? does the negative number on the file type mean they are protected and does that mean they can't be copied? Is there anyway around the copy protection if that is the case.



-5088 indicates another format unknown by a "normal" HP-71B. Could be a format used by a special module (Translator Pac, Forth Assembler,...) or by another calculator (HP-41, ...). I'll search, don't worry.


Aha! This is a disk for the HP71 Data Acquisition ROM so I guess that means I need to have the ROM installed while performing the disk operations. Is that correct?

Thanks for the help.


Yes, Philip. You're right. If you can load the ROM and have an HHP Eprom Module, I can help you.

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