hp9122d floppy drive



I am going to attempt to connect to an hp9122d floppy drive utilizing my 71b (or 75) along with an hp82169 hpil->hpib converter. The 9122d is very similar to the 9114a except it has hpib instead of hpil.

Has anyone else succesfully connected to an hp hpib floppy drive through an hp82169 convert? If so, do you have any advice?




I don't think this will work. The 9122D is a "SS-80" command format drive, while I'm pretty sure the 9114-type drive is the older "Amigo" format, and I would think the HP-IL stuff is designed for "Amigo". If you could find a 9121-type drive, that is "Amigo" and _might_ work. I did not have any luck connecting a 9114B drive to a HP1631D logic analyzer using the 82169 converter (sort of reverse from what you are trying).

Alex -

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