Is there hp42s emulator for Linux?



I am searching HP calculator emulators for GNU/Linux for some machines, and I haven't found any for hp42s. Is there any?




The only RPN calculators I've seen for Linux are closer
to a the 10C rather than the 42S. These would be 'gcalc'
and 'xcalc -rpn'.


I meant 'grpn' instead of 'gcalc'.



I am not searching a RPN calc for Linux, since I use XCAS for that. I search hp42s emulator for Linux.

Is there a hp42s ROM available like hp48 or hp49 one in




There is both an HP-41C emulator as well as an HP-48G emulator available for Linux. I've used both for years and they work great.

The HP-41C emulator is called "NSIM":

The HP-48G simulator is available on

Hope this helps.


Yes, I know both. But any for hp42s?




Is there a Linux-version of Emu48? Then you could run HP-42X (a HP-42S emulator for the HP-48GX by Hrastprogrammer) in it... (HP-42X works fine in Emu48 for Windows).

The only drawback I can see is that HP-42X is US$60...


PS. Is anyone out there working on a HP-42S emulator for Windows/Linux? Something similar to V41 by Warren Furlow but emulating the HP-42S instead of the HP-41CX ... It would be extremely nice to have, and at least for me personally, likely to be the calculator that I use the most (even more than the real HP-42S!)

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