Russian Manuals for HP48G?


Does anyone know if the HP48G has Russian manuals available anywhere? Quick web search threw up nothing and the calculator link on HP's Russian site links back to the US pages.


I think those manuals do not exist. May be I'm wrong. Russians are not kind of handeld calculators such HP-48. Too expensive then not useful for HP! They were using MK-52 or MK-85 for instance, and for studies, desktop computer.


Hi, Emmanuel;

I am always trying to know as much as I can from other cultures, and I know almost nothing about some countries and people. About Russians, do you know if there is any site were I can find good information? Basically technology and social information, no politic interests. I add my e-mail address if you believe that sending this information directly to me is better.

Thank you and excuse-me using the forum this way, folks.


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