WP 34S Owner's Manual released for print


Hi all,

after a long time, I'm confident now said Owner's Manual won't change in the next future (unless there are new features requested and accepted). AFAIK there are no open questions or documentation bugs anymore. The pdf-file can be downloaded from here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/wp34s/files/doc/Manual_wp_34s_3_1.pdf/download .

Thus: Users of all nations, unite in printing!



Danke Walter!


Thanks! I will keep the printer busy tomorrow!


Welcome to the final edition, thank-you Walter!


I keep mine on my iPads anyway :)


This has probably been asked before, but given the success of the WPS 34 project, I wonder how difficult it would be to do something similar for the HP50G. Since HP has essentially stopped supporting the 50G, and no sources are available for anyone who wants to fix current bugs, users may be better off using a pure-ARM firmware that at least can be updated and maintained by a whole, entire community. I suppose the limiting factor (from what I can tell) is adequate documentation about the hardware -- though I am sure it is possible to reverse engineer all the traces on the PCB and use the datasheets for the various SOICs to figure things out (not to mention the information available through the HPGCC and x49gp projects).

(I wonder if HP has ever considered allowing enthusiasts to look at the actual source under NDAs...)


Han, thanks for your high estimation of the WP 34S. It can't, however, do a similar thing for the 50G. Speaking for myself, I won't do it either. The 50G is a "battleship" - far too large IMO for everyday use in an industrial environment and far too powerful to be managed by a small team of hobbyists having no special qualification besides our love to mathematics, programming, and design. Thus we certainly won't do it. Feel free to do it yourself or with another team of enthousiasts.



This has probably been asked before, but given the success of the WPS 34 project, I wonder how difficult it would be to do something similar for the HP50G.

I have this fantasy of creating a 32-bit RPL engine and porting the HP 48 code to it, then getting the whole thing running on the 50g hardware. You'd end up with the 48 feature set running on the 50g hardware, but very VERY fast.

As soon as I win the lottery, I'll get right on this.... :)


IMHO HP50G is good for nothing hardware-like. Out of time like the first generation mobile phones, but cheap in any sense. Any attempt to revive the dead horse would be wasting of time.

Addendum. I predict complete commercial failure to newer platform/s with the same size - "brick", like HP39II, no matter how quick or powerful they would be. It's 20+ years too late for such monsters.

Edited: 5 Dec 2012, 1:03 a.m.


Hi Walter, thanks for all the time and energy put into this manual and the overall WP 34S project! Do you plan to make this manual available on a print-on-demand site such as Lulu? I would love being able to order a nice printed version of the manual and would not mind contributing this way with some money to the team and the next project :)


Merci Didier, feel free to take the pdf-file and do with it whatever you want: print it, tear it, burn it, whatever ;-)



gut zu wissen, danke!



Some news about my print-on-demand experiences: I have tried first Lulu but it didn’t accept the WP 34S pdf file: an error message was reporting that page sizes were not identical. I used pdftk to turn 90 degrees some of the pages that were in landscape instead of portrait layout but it didn’t help. I did several trials with parts of the original pdf and I also got error messages about fonts not being embedded in the pdf file.
So I gave up Lulu and tried CreateSpace, there I was able to upload the pdf, create a basic cover and order a proof sample: paperback 8”x11.5”. When I’ll receive it I will report how it looks, but don't hold your breath: delivery is planned by Jan 18th.

Unfortunately on CreateSpace there are much less options than on Lulu, the only option I have had to select was the page size, there is no binding option and no possibility to choose a spiral bound.


FYI, the original is formatted for A4 according to the international (!) standard ISO 216 - non-standard printouts will not be to scale. That's relevant for p. 151 especially.



I know, but there was no Ax listed in the page size choices :(

Here is the basic cover I created:


Bonjour Didier,

I tried to send you an email twice and it was denied. Please send me an email address that works. TIA



Hi Walter,

I just sent a message to you using the hpmuseum email form. Let me know if you don't get it.





Let us know how it turns out. I'd like to purchase a printed copy rather than print it myself. It will most likely be cheaper and better.

Likewise for the beginner guide in due course.

- Pauli


I would very much like to purchase a hardcopy is there a link to the book you have assembled from WP's documentation?

Thanks a lot, looking forward to that.


It's not yet finalized. Once the print-on-demand set-up will be completed and validated I will post the link.


Meanwhile, we've updated and clarified quite a bit. Looks like we'll be able to offer printed manuals after the holidays.



Thank you guys, let us know when it's ready.


We will.



As a follow-up to what Didier has suggested: assuming that HP don't already do so, would it be all right to send the PDF manuals they provide to a service like Lulu so that I can print off my own? Is this something that HP would object to? Any ideas?

Nigel (UK)


I'm no lawyer, but I can't imagine HP objecting to you printing the manuals for your personal use. Selling them would probably be a different story.

Note spiral-bound printed copies of the Users Guide and Advanced Users Reference are available from hpcalc.org here.



Many thanks Walter


What tools did you use in making the manual?


Good old MS Word, Paint (even older), and a real lot of patience (or call it love or dedication) and pursuit of perfection.

And I benefited from the earlier work of Luiz Viera who created the keyset font and some dot matrix fonts (see p. 64). And I know many vintage manuals. Hope I didn't forget anything important.


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