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I have a 42s since 1989, and i find it the best HP there is. It's small and flexibel. I can write programms in steps, or as a solver. At this moment I need more financial functions (as on the 17BII): no problem i can programm it.

Since 2 months the machine is 'losing his mind'. I thought a pair of new batteries would help. No way.

- when I press on the 'on' the display starts (light grey dots), but I have to press several times to get the X: Y: symbols - mostly the machine starts with 'machine reset' - when I perform the self test (exit-LN), it runs 4 to 5 times correct, and then it gives an error (fail 0004 or 0024) - when i do calculations the machine suddenly gives 'machine reset' and clears the stack - when i'm programming the machine stops, suddenly it gives program-sizes of 800-bytes...

I'm dissapointed that my HP42s lets me down after only 10 years of service. I don't know which new machine to buy: the 17BII is'nt realy programmable. The 12C is a little snobbish. The 19BII isn't that rugged (and it has a stuppid text-function). I don't need a graphical machine. I don't need a HP palmtop, i have already a laptop. I don't need a 20s, i could as well buy Texas Instruments. Big trouble.

So... what i need is a 42s!! A real compact workhorse. Why has HP stopped the production?

Would it be possible to fix the machine? Where can i get a new one?


(please give also a reply to my private mail)



I believe you still might be able to get another HP42 by sending your 42 back to hp for warrenty repair. Of course they do not repair these calculators, they just reach into a backstock of new not released to the public pile of hp42s calcs and send it to you for a fee of around $60-$70. I have not done this myself but if I ever found a non-working trashed out 42 I would buy it as a backup to take advantage of this method of getting another 42s. It is the only way hp releases the 42 any more. You cannot buy this calc through hp, however hp still supports it in this manner. Good luck. I have most of the LCD hp calcs and I agree with you that the hp42 is my favorite and the one I use.


Do as Ron suggests, send it for exchange at a service center, the fee is about $69 in the US. This option may not be available in all countries, and may soon finish, because it appears to be implemented as a support method only for 5 years after discontinuation date; and that deadline seems to be near. It seems that it is still valid in the USA...


This morning I've called the HP's helpdesk. They were suprised that I called for a simple calculator and not for a PC or a professional scanner. The serial number didn't match with there databases. I didn't fit in the scheme, but the lady still acted very professional...

They connected me with a HP-related firm in Brussels who could help me: they have just 1 (yeah: one, uno, un, één!) HP42s left. They don't repair, they just replace if the customer can't be convinced to take another model. Price = 2.700 BEF = +/- 70 USD.

The person said also that the 42s is only repaired in Australia. He didn't know why exactly Australia. Might be an idea to fill your luggage with broken calculators and get your holiday in Australia paid back ;-)

As I work in Brussels I'll go and find the HP42s myself tomorrow.

Maybe a happy end...

I'll let you know if I have managed to get the last HP42s in the country.



Good luck !


Ok. I have it! It's an Indonesian model, a little less rugged than the USA-models. Who cares...

So, that's it. Subject closed. Thanks to all those who responded. That's why internet is for.


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