I feel like a data miner...


I feel like a data miner...

After so many frustrating attempts to find manuals and references to download them at the HP homepage, I gave up. BUT... after searching for an specific item I found an interesting link:

HP Business Support Center

By following manuals under Resources, you´ll just find calculators under mobile computing. And there you are...

Hope you enjoy as I did 8^D


Luiz (Brazil)


Thanks for finding and sharing that link!


You are a great miner!
Thanks for sharing.



You are a great miner!

I concur! Luiz is also a great mineiro. That's the Portuguese word for miner and also how people from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais are called.



Hi, Gerson!

I did not see that coming...

Indeed, the name of the state I was born refers to mines. I missed that point... Thanks for mentioning! I can surely tell I was born a miner!

And thanks for your consideration, I appreciate that.


Luiz (Brazil)


HP doesn't make it easy.

For some reason when I hear the term "data mining" I think about the song by Lee Dorsey "Working in a Coal Mine" from the '60's: Link

Here's a more recent "techno" rendition by Devo: Link




Not exactly in the same line and a bit more tragic:

The Bee Gees - 'New York Mining Disaster 1941' (youtube link)

Myself half a miner (my father was from Luiz's state :-)



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