Erik Ehrling (Sweden) and QPI for HP-42S


Hello Erik,

You responded on my message "Fractions on the HP-42S", telling me that you had a program for me. I had forgotten to give my email adress in the message!
I've send you an email to tell you that i was indeed interrested in this program, but the email was send back to me as your mail box was unavailable.

Will you please send me the program, and thank you in advance for doing so! :-)

Best regards, Erwin


Hi Erwin!

I have received several requests for the program; therefore I will tidy it up a bit and post it to this forum. (Unfortunately I don't think I will have time to do this before Friday or Saturday.)
//Best regards,

PS. As for my email address - remove the word NOSPAM from the address (this is meant to reduce the amount of SPAM-mail...)

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