dm-15cc battery life


Does anyone have any figures on the battery life of the dm-15cc? I have one from the first run that I last played with maybe in March. Today I pulled it out and found the battery apparently dead. I'm not sure if it is dead or something else happened because my multitester is nowhere to be found.


I also got the first production unit in March and the battery is still 0K.

i do get Memory Lost on occassions.


i do get Memory Lost on occassions.

Adding a capacitor might fix this:


Thanks Gerson!


Hi David,

I have a DM-15CC of second batch.
I measured its current draw after updating the firmware to DM15CC_MEM1B_V10.

I hope this helps you.




Lyuka, can you do the same for the 20b/30 (original firmware) as well as the WP 34S firmware? I'd like to see how well I did my power saving job.


Hi Marcus,

Yes, I'd like to do that when I got a 20b/30.

There must has come the time to start using the WP 34S to me ;-)


Hi Lyuka,

enjoy - and report!


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