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talking about HP9114a, I just received a unit with no manual and no power supply. Can anybody tell me what kind of power supply should I try to find. Is a power supply with 8V / 3 watts max ok? How long does it take to charge the battery ?





I found a little handle on the back of the unit (oh well, I didn't know that the power pack was removable) and found part of the answer on the power pack. 20V ac / 500mA max input is what the power supply must deliver. Now, I will have to find a compatible power supply, any suggestions ???




Cher Alain,
As-tu a batterie rechargeable HP88014B? Il te faut un transfo type HP82066B (220V 50Hz) ou HP82059D (90-120V 50-60Hz 7VA). Je peux t'envoyer d'un scan' de mon manuel si tu veux. Cordialement.

Dear Alain,
Do you have the rechargeable battery pack HP88014B? You need an HP82066B (220V 50Hz)adapter or HP82059D (90-120V 50-60Hz 7VA) transformer. I can send you a scan of my user's manual if you want it. Yours.


Dear Alian,

inside the battery pack is placed an 6V/2,4Ah lead cell. Open the pack (removing the top plate) and check the lead cell. Loading this is possible with 6,8V DC voltage.
It is hard to find compatible cells with identic size for replacing - but in German exist a company called BATTMANN who have them in stock...

Best wishes from Germany- Christoph



a while ago I posted some info about the exact replacement type for the original Panasonic cell.




Merci pour l'information,

pour le moment je ne sais pas si la pile est toujours bonne. Oui Emmanuel, une copie du scan serait grandement apprécié. Cependant, je suis un peu confus, "Boîte" conteant la pile et l'alimentation indique clairement d'utiliser comme source d'alimentation extérieur 20V ac / 500mA max input, ce qui est différent de HP82059D (90-120V 50-60Hz 7VA) (je suis en Amérique du Nord).

Jusqu'à présent, sur la base du 20V ac / 500mA max input, j'ai trouvé que les modems US Robotics utilisaient le même type de transfo. J'était alors à la recherche de vieux modems.

Merci !




for the moment I really don't know if the cell is dead because I have no compatible transfo to charge it. Yes Emmanuel, if you could send the scan, it would be appreciated. But, since it is saying on the batttery pack to use a 20V ac / 500mA max input, I was really looking for a different type of transfo than the HP82059D (90-120V 50-60Hz 7VA) (I'm in North America). Am I wrong ?

I found that US Robotic Modems use 20V ac / 500mA max transformer. So I was trying to find old US Robotic Modems.




Je vais t'envoyer quelques vues internes et externes. Ce sont les mêmes adaptateurs que pour HP-41, HP-75, HP-71, HP-97 et pour les périphériques IL de la famille HP8216X (exception faite du convertisseur d'interface) par exemple.

I'll send you some internal and external views. They are the same adapters for HP-41, HP-71, HP-75, HP-97 and for HP8216X family IL peripherals (except IL converter) for instance.


The 8VAC, 3W spec is a lot closer to what you need than 20V, 10W. The drive uses the 82059 series chargers that HP used for just about every HP41, 71, 75, etc and accessories. It is very easy to find on Ebay. Prices tend to be from $5 to $20 each.


Thanks for the info.

I still find funny that on the battery unit, it says 20 Vac / 500 mA maximum. for the input side with an arrow pointing on the connector. Is there anybody having the same text on their unit ???




Yes, I have it too. I would like to know how to put pictures into the forum messages.

Oui, je l'ai également. J'aimerais savoir comment intégrer des images aux messages du forum.


The HP 88014B Battery Back Instruction Booklet (HP pn 88014-90005, Printed in U.S.A. 12/1/85) has this to say about rechargers:

This battery pack is designed specifically to work with an HP recharger; HP is therefore not responsible for damages caused by using a non HP recharger.

The rechargers listed next are recommended for use with the HP 88014B Rechargeable Battery Pack.

Model AC Voltage Identification

HP 82059B 90 to 120 United States

HP 82066B 210 to 250 Europe

HP 82067B 210 to 250 United Kindgom

HP 82067B Opt 001 210 to 250 Republic of South Africa

HP 82068B 210 to 250 Australia

HP 82069B 90 to 120 Europe

Oh yeah, along with the 20V~/500 ma MAX. INPUT on the battery label, can't you read the part "WARNING: NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. USE ONLY WITH ADAPTERS NOTED IN THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL."

Whatever. I hope that the little charging circuit inside the battery case is fairly robust, and could probably take 20V no problem, even though a Malaysian-made 82059D adapter says it puts out 8 VAC 3 VA max.

Sorry for the lack of information-added.


1. Open the box.

2. Replace the battery.

3. Replace the fuse, if needed.

4. Give it some AC and charge it up.

Have a great day,



Thanks to everyone,

the Wall-Transformer I originally mentionned was a HP-82059D. So, according to previous posts, it should work. So, the battery pack is charging. I will see soon if I need to open the battery pack. For the moment, I get a "Power light on" and a "Fail light on" but nothing else.



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