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If your machine is a fullnut version with the separate CPU card, you also need to clean the contacts and strips beneath the CPU card. Use 91% isopropyl alcohol. Clean both the strips (carefully) and the contact pads on the circuit boards. Same for the battery contact assembly. Dont let alcohol get on the display window or it will fog it. Also scrub down the back side of the keyboard with alcohol. You may also want to clean the back side of the LCD module. I use an "acid" brush with the bristles trimmed short and stiff (or a tooth brush). Be careful again to not let alcohol get on the display window.


I have just recovered my old HP41C from the loft! It has the same problem - zilch on the display. I would like to try to get it to work by cleaning it up as suggested but cannot see how the case opens - bit of guidance would be appreciated- thanks


i have some pictures at


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