42S Dust


I've always wondered about this... How on Earth does that dust get inside a sealed unit? I recently got out my 42S, and noticed that it has a significant amount of dust behind the display! I don't remember it being there before (maybe I missed it). Sure, it's been sitting on a shelf and should be dusty, but how does dust get INside? And more importantly at this point, is there any way to get it out?


Obviously you're talking about the old disply variant,
where a protective glass is over the actual display.

Note that there is no vacuum between the protective glass and the display, and the calc case isn't really sealed.
So it's normal for dust to get in between;-)

I don't know a safe method to get rid of the dust
w/o opening the unit,
but maybe pressed air could help.




if you carefully inspect the batteries compartment, you'll see there are small gaps on it alloin the access of dust in there, right under the LCD.

If you use clean air source, you can try using it there (e.g. plastic-model airbrush). Just take precautions for static charges that can be produced.



There is nothing sealed about this. It's just tightly held together. There are gaps.

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