Very fast modified TEA for HP 48 and up!


Hi all crypto fans amongst the HP 48 - 50g users.

A while ago there was a discussion in news://comp.sys.hp48 [Subject: 48 fast mode on the 50g?] about a modified TEA encryption algo for the Saturn based calcs. The original SysRPL code by Jim Dumas needed ~110 seconds to encrypt a 1000 char string on an HP 48G, and thus left some space for optimisations. I took the challenge and made an ML version, which encrypts 1000 chars in less than a second, on the same machine.
You can get the archive here: CCNT Archive

It includes JD's original SysRPL source, as well as my SysRPL/ML source as text, PDF and binary. The text source is best viewed with an editor supporting monospaced fonts.

Have fun:-)


Edited: 23 Nov 2012, 8:48 p.m.

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