HP41 model type


I just took delivery of an HP41CV and was interested to see that the display has "rounded" corners; all my other HP41s have the "square" corners.

Does that prove for sure that my new model is a "Halfnut" model, or were some "Fullnut" models made with the rounded corners? At this stage I prefer not to delve inside to take a look :)




I guess you'd like to take a look here and just a little bit below, under "HP-41C Versions", you'll see this image:

Guess it will help you with your conclusions.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 23 Nov 2012, 9:37 a.m.


So I guess I can assume it's definitely a "Halfnut"!



By the way, I noticed subtle differences in the LCD characters between the two types of display. To my old eyes the "Fullnut" display looks clearer: characters slightly larger and less "ragged".



Yep, you are correct. There are noticeable differences when comparing characters, mainly in the segments edges. In the halfnuts (new ones), segments have rounded edges while the earlier fullnuts (coconuts) have them sharper.


Luiz (Brazil)


There is also the issue of keyboard feel. The half nuts have a thicker rubber sheet between the key tops and domes. This results In less tactical feedback on a key press. This was done to extend the useful keyboard life because the thinner rubber of the full nuts will "punch though" sooner, resulting in a key top that sits lower and has poor tactile feel. They still work okay, they just don't have the normal feel and travel. Overall, IMO the full nut is superior in both display and keyboard.

FWIW, it takes *alot* of pounding to beat either 41 keyboard design into anything even remotely resembling a worn out state.


Thanks, all, for the responses.

I'm up to 6 HP41s now - perhaps the time has come to stop making further acquisitions :)



If you collect HP41s only you should look for a fullnut CX. :)



I'm up to 6 HP41s now - perhaps the time has come to stop making further acquisitions :)

Why stop here? I am at 20 (at least)! :-D



But do you have a CL?


If not, he might...

BTW, Monte, the 'package' has already been delivered (and is still packed...). Will have time to start building them only after the second week of December.

Thanks a lot!

I'll drop you a line through e-mail this weekend, OK?


Luiz (Brazil)


I'll watch for it Luiz.

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