HP, quo vadis?




The finger pointing is astounding.


OK, so they were tricked and the books were off by only USD? How do you do that, when an army of HP accounting clerks check your books - and fail to notice this tiny missing amount?

I'd just call it a very poor business decision. Would HP have complained, when they instead had *earned* 5 billion USD? Unlikely.

So maybe it's about time to remember what HP *can* do and what they *shouldn't* do.


FYI, $5 billion USD means 5E9, not 5E12. It looks like the BBC has adopted the American usage of that word.

Not so much then, eh?

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Be it 5E9 or 5E12, each member here would be very happy with a tenth of a percent of it - and lots of money would remain for HP to use it for something sensible.


Sorry, I probably have been in a flow of typing zeros ;)

Of course you are correct, we Europeans just get some more zeros for our billions :)


It looks like the BBC has adopted the American usage of that word.

Yes, I am a bit confused by that as well. I thought in British English a billion would be 1e12 and in American English it would be 1e9. But recently I have only come across the American version, even in British media.
In German it certainly is 1e12


According to wikipedia, which I do not claim to be a definitive source:

In 1974, the government of the UK switched to the short scale, a change that is reflected in its mass media and official usage.

We'll surely never know ...

But from a view of a former German Telekom stock-holder it resembles very much the deal once "instrumented" by Ron Lebowitsch which bought Telekom a similar "money sink" - only with some billions more (51 billions US$).

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