The Library is Closed...


That's it folks, the moment I thought will not happen has finally arrived: no more room available in Library#4, after completing the new revisions of PowerCL and SandMath...

The latest additions include the MMU Swap/Move, plus an Encryption/Decryption facility for RAM pages on the POWERCL; as well Multi- and Super-Factorials on the SandMath.

New manuals and Module versions to be posted at a TOS near you; and from now on it'll be back to the standard means - boy it'll be hard to adjust back!

Time for a break, that's for sure.

PS. Unless of course the CL firmware is upgraded and a bank-switched version of the Library can be used ;-)


Arghhh..... while there might be room in the FPGA logic to add bank-switching for Page 4, that would mean you would need to return the board to me for upgrading, or buy a new board. It isn't really something that is easy for a user to do in the field.

Did you include the little Turbo Save/restore routines from YFNS in the page 4 library? I think that they would be ideal for page 4.



So I put all that into Google Translate and it came up with "??? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ???? ? ??? ?????? ?????" ... or something like that, and then it made perfect sense to me ...


I always thought there was too much reliance in Google these days... well your post just confirms it.

Edited: 18 Nov 2012, 2:16 a.m.


Did you choose the correct "lingo"? ;)


You need to implement a gzip style compression, decompress the code to RAM and run it from there in pieces instead :-)

- Pauli

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