9114A Drive


Is it safer to transport a drive with or without a disc in it?



always have a disc put in before attempting to transport the unit. Especially the R/W heads in the Sony drive in the older 9114 (w/o B) tend to stick together, which can lead to tear them off when inserting a disc with somewhat too much force accidently.




Thanks Ray,

I suspected it was safer to transport with a disc.



But with no disk in the drive, the heads are apart, separated by a distance of some millimeters (not sure how much, but on those old drives it's a substantial gap). I don't see why it wouldn't be safe to transport the drive without a disk...


But with no disk in the drive, the heads are apart, separated by a distance of some millimeters
Theoretically this should be the case, but especially these old Sony drives were problematic, not only in the 9114, but in many devices they were used in. During a certain period of time, HP used these drives in several peripheral devices, like HP-IB disc drives.

Therefore when bought new, these drives were shipped with a yellow pseudo-disc inserted, acting as a spacer, which moved the heads into the "touch surface" position.

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